Recovery is possible.

Addiction can feel terrifying, isolating and hopeless—like you’re trapped. At BreakThru, we offer medical withdrawal management services in a safe, confidential, supporting atmosphere focused on your recovery.
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What is medically-managed withdrawal?

Clients who are in withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs are medically stabilized and managed on a​ medical/surgical unit, just like any other patient​ recovering from surgery or other medical conditions, preserving dignity and confidentiality.​

Using a multidisciplinary team approach, we manage withdrawal symptoms and medical conditions throughout the withdrawal period, ensuring safe and comfortable experience.​

We offer an innovative medical collaboration between the hospital and community referral partners so that we can establish a personalized aftercare discharge plan. BreakThru follows up with you at one, three, six, and twelve-month intervals to determine level of remission, sobriety and engagement in treatment.​
BreakThru Keys to Success:
Provide a safe withdrawal
Reduce immediate withdrawal symptoms
Prevent complications
Provide withdrawal management that preserves your dignity
Establish immediate aftercare discharge plan
Measure patient outcomes
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Our Program

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Hospital Environment

Our facility offers a safe, private space ensuring the highest standards of care in a confidential setting.​
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24/7 Medical Supervision

Our experienced team provides round-the-clock monitoring and support to manage withdrawal effects, prioritizing your safety and wellbeing.​
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Personalized Medication Regimen​

Tailoring medications to your specific needs, health, and history minimizes withdrawal symptoms and potential complications, ensuring effective treatment.​
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Customized Aftercare Plan

We work with you to develop a comprehensive aftercare discharge plan, facilitating a seamless transition to continued support from local community organizations tailored to your needs for a long-term recovery.​
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Take action

The tools for recovery are available, and taking action is a brave first step toward better health.
BreakThru is located in The Summit Surgical Hospital, an intimate 24-hour care hospital offering a safe, serene space ensuring the highest standards of care in a confidential setting.​
Accepted Insurance
Our medically-managed withdrawal services are typically covered by major insurance carriers, Medicaid, and Medicare. Call 620-218-0636 to ask about your insurance carrier or about alternative financing options.
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Our Impact

  • “I have been in a bad way for a long time and have tried finding help through various facilities. The BreakThru program has given me hope for the first time in a long time. Your facility may have saved my life. I want to thank everyone involved with this program for myself and my kids whom I miss very much. Thank you again for being here for me when I needed the help.”​
  • “It was a big step for me to come here and I was really scared at first. Everyone was very professional and so kind to me. This was a very comfortable process and not at all what I expected it to be. They stayed ahead of my withdrawal symptoms and allowed me to get the rest that I needed during my recovery. I would tell others in my situation to take the step and commit to BreakThru, it’s the best option you can take.”​
  • “The BreakThru program is a very important tool to battle addiction, overdose and death in our community. It is truly a blessing and a necessity. Thanks for everything guys!”​

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